“Stress Test Your Portfolio” for Risk and Return Tradeoffs

We start by asking questions like:

  • Are you Properly Diversified?
  • Is Your Portfolio Ready for the Next Downturn?
  • Do you understand your personal investment risk and return and how your investments might perform in the future?
Tobin Investment Planning LLC can run a series of stress tests on your portfolio for both good and bad events:

What happens if…

    •     Stock market collapses or rebounds
    •     Negative rates come to the US
    •     Brexit
    •     Fed interest rate move
    •     Trump trade wars
    •     Oil price move

Results will show the following:

  • How a properly diversified portfolio can help mitigate risk
  • The trade-off between risk and return under periods of market stress
  • Determine if your personal risk tolerance is aligned with your portfolio risk
  • Expose tail risk scenarios

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”  Warren Buffett

For a Personalized Risk Report

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire