Why Tobin Investment Planning LLC

After spending twenty five years in the Wealth Management industry it became apparent that the large banks and investment firms focus on the client was wavering. Tobin Investment Planning was founded as an independent advisor providing objective advice in the client’s best interest. By engaging in a consultative process we help individuals and families develop a roadmap designed to achieve their personal goals.
David has spent his entire career advising ultra-high net worth families, professionals, small business owners and corporate executives. Tobin Investment Planning can access these same evidenced based, low cost tax efficient strategies for you. We work only in our client’s best interest listening to their goals to develop a roadmap of customized solutions.
We bring WALL Street to MAIN Street.

What Sets us Apart

We believes in a straightforward investment philosophy balancing the opportunity for strong returns without substantially adding to the portfolio’s risk profile.  As an Evidenced Based Advisor we are students of financial economics. We strive to make this knowledge available and accessible to our clients and base our investing decisions on evidence not emotion or speculation.
Many advisors can manage a portfolio but few can bring the experience and perspective we do. We work in our client’s best interest developing a roadmap of customized solutions. Most importantly we work to understand our client’s goals & values and educate them on objective strategies to unlock a secure future.
We are an independent investment and wealth management firm whose only products are advice and service. We are committed to helping families unlock a secure future.

 Client Experience

The distinguishing factor at Tobin Investment Planning LLC is that we work with our clients to develop a risk management strategy to achieve specific goals and unlock a secure future.
We follow a disciplined evidenced based approach and always put our client’s interest first.
  • Fiduciary pledge
  • We use world-class software that provides an integrated technology strategy so a client can view all their investment accounts and performance; whether we manage them or not;
  • A holistic financial plan, including interactive web tools, risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulations;
  • We ensure clients are educated and understand their strategy to unlock a secure future, including financial risks for both good and bad market scenarios.
  • Full transparency and accessibility


To improve the financial well-being of families.

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