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Experienced Wealth Management Strategies

Designed To Unlock a
Secure Financial Future

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Investment Management & Comprehensive Wealth Advice

For Greater Philadelphia & Beyond

Tobin Investment Planning LLC. is an independent advisory firm dedicated to providing objective, experienced advice always offered in your best interest. Whatever stage in life you’re headed towards, we’ll develop a personal, comprehensive plan built on evidence, trust and open communication.

Our mission is to improve the financial well-being of families.

Who Do We Work With?

We help a variety of clients from attorneys and small business owners to those nearing retirement to optimize their wealth today while planning for tomorrow.

Who We Serve

Get to Know Our Firm

And Why We’re Passionate About Advising

David M. Tobin J.D., CIMA®    Photo

David M. Tobin J.D., CIMA®

Managing Member

Phone: (609) 707-9759
Email: dtobin@tobininvestmentplanning.com

I have been advising high-net-worth individuals and families on their financial security since 1989. Throughout my 35+ years in the financial services industry, I’ve had the fortunate experience to work at some of the industry’s top firms before opening Tobin Investment Planning. This gave me the opportunity to advise attorneys, small business owners, retirees, corporate executives, and ultra-high-net-worth families. From this experience, I developed a core belief in always keeping my clients educated during the financial decision making process while offering advice that is honest, transparent and in their best interest.

I specialize in providing guidance to families on topics ranging from investment management, financial planning and tax strategies to multi-generational estate planning. Listening to your goals, aspirations for the future and factoring in your personal risk tolerance is an integral part of the way I do business. The process I use to develop your strategic financial plan is designed to address growing your wealth in a tax-efficient manner.

I believe in collaborating with your entire team of trusted professionals. That’s why I’ll work closely with your attorney, accountant or other advisors, to ensure your comprehensive investment plan is coordinated and implemented properly in order to meet your family’s needs.

Education & Designations

I received a bachelor's of science degree in Finance with a minor in Economics from Ithaca College before earning my Juris Doctorate from Albany Law School of Union University. I later completed the Wharton Executive Education program in Investment Management from the University of Pennsylvania. 

With a dedication to ongoing education and commitment to excellence, I've received various industry designations including: 

  • Juris Doctor* 
  • Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®)
  • Certified Wealth Strategist

*Retired not currently practicing law

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Transparency & Trust Are at the Cornerstone

Of Everything We Do

We’re an independent advisory firm by choice. Why? When David founded the firm, he established a fiduciary oath as a cornerstone of the advisory practice. During his 30+ years in the financial services industry, he's seen firsthand the impact fiduciary advice can have on a client’s life.

What Does Being a Fee-Only Firm Mean?

Simply put, we work for you - and only you. 100% of our earnings come from the fees our clients pay us. That means that our only loyalty is to you and your financial well-being.

  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Commissions
  • No Insurance or Annuity Sales
  • Recommendations Only in Your Best Interest

Fiduciary Oath

  • I will always put my clients’ best interests first.
  • I will act with prudence; that is, with the skill, care, diligence, and good judgment of a professional.
  • I will not mislead clients, and I will provide conspicuous, full and fair disclosure of all important facts.
  • I will avoid conflicts of interest.
  • I will fully disclose and fairly manage, in my clients’ favor, any unavoidable conflicts.

- David M. Tobin

Our Fiduciary Pledge to You

David created a fiduciary oath when he founded our firm. When we give expert investment and financial planning advice, we put your interests first and back it up by signing a fiduciary oath that we are proud to uphold each and every day.

If you're currently seeking advice from a broker, think about it - have they offered you a fiduciary pledge in writing? For most, the answer is no, because brokers are not held to the same standard of fiduciary care as independent financial advisors. 

Could You & Your Wealth Benefit From Trustworthy Solutions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you typically work with?

We serve a wide variety of clients in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond. We provide services to individuals, families, businesses, trusts, partnerships, and not-for-profit organizations who wish to pursue long-term goals based on our consultative approach to managing wealth.

What happens to my current holdings if I become a client?

Before any changes are made, we will analyze your existing portfolio and discuss our recommendations with you. If changes are warranted, we will work with you to ensure that any transitions occur as smoothly and tax efficiently as possible.

How do you charge for your services?

In an effort to align our interests with those of our clients, Tobin Investment Planning LLC receives 100% of its compensation from asset-based advisory fees and planning fees paid by clients. The fees are on a sliding scale; as your portfolio grows, the percentage decreases. Our annual investment advisory fee is prorated and paid quarterly, in advance, based upon the market value of the client’s assets on the last business day of the previous quarter. In the event of a client departure, any unearned fees are refunded. Our fee schedule is available upon request.

What size client portfolios do you manage?

We have found that our expertise is best matched with high net worth individuals who have $500,000 to $10 million in investable assets. Every client should expect the same level of respect and fiduciary care, regardless of the size of their portfolio.

Do you hold my assets or me?

No. Clients enter into a separate custodial/clearing agreement with an unaffiliated custodian where the assets are held in the client’s name. Tobin Investment Planning LLC generally recommends that investment management accounts be maintained at Charles Schwab & Co. for execution and/or custodial services. This recommendation is made based on such factors as Schwab’s financial strength, reputation and its full range of services. These include its research and execution capabilities, pricing, banking, technology platform and responsiveness.

How do I learn more about Dimensional Fund Advisors DFA, and what is your relationship with them?

Our firm is proud to be among the select firms who have access to DFA funds. We often find that they provide the best vehicles for building cost-effective and diversified portfolios. We receive no commissions for using DFA funds. If we feel there is a better investment option for your particular needs, we will recommend it.

Do clients sign a contract with Tobin Investment Planning, LLC.?

Yes. Prior to engaging Tobin Investment Planning LLC to provide investment planning services, the client will enter into a formal Investment Advisory Agreement setting forth the terms and conditions under which the client’s assets shall be managed. Clients can terminate the agreement at any point without penalty.

What is meant by discretionary asset management?

Clients give Tobin Investment Planning LLC full authority to make all purchase and sell decisions in the investment portfolio. We follow an Investment Policy Statement that we establish together and sets forth the client’s target allocation. This arrangement allows us to manage portfolios in a much more efficient manner.

Are clients notified of the investment decisions that Tobin Investment Planning, LLC makes?

Yes. The account custodian notifies clients of all transactions on a timely basis, provides a comprehensive monthly statement and offers daily account access via the internet. Additionally, Tobin Investment Planning LLC provides an investment aggregation report linked to the client’s financial plan with on-demand portfolio login capabilities. Thus, clients remain current and well-informed about all matters pertaining to their investments.

Does the client bear any other expenses in addition to your management fees?

Clients typically pay three types of fees no matter whom they invest through. In keeping with full transparency, we have chosen to identify all fees separately instead of combining them together.

  1. The custodian charges a transaction fee for effecting certain securities transactions.
  2. Separate account managers also charge an asset management fee, while mutual funds impose management fees and other expenses at the fund level.
  3. Investment advisor fee for advice and implementation.

In conducting our due diligence and seeking the best execution for clients, we pay close attention to all fees and expenses. All fees are disclosed upfront so you will have no surprises.

Do you personally own the same investments you purchase for your clients?

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Are We Right For You?

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What Makes Us a Good Fit

For You & Your Financial Goals?

We work with a select number of clients in the Greater Philadelphia area bringing clarity, insight and calm to their complex financial picture. Historically, we’ve found that our expertise is best matched with those who have $500,000 to $25 million in investable assets.

We’ve Helped Those

Nearing Retirement


  • Attorneys
  • Small Business Owners
  • Professionals
  • Business Executives
  • High-net-worth families

Think We May Be a Good Fit?

Learn About Our Client Experience

Making the Most of Your Wealth

Today, Tomorrow & Through Retirement

Our firm combines the best of a small business with the experience and resources of a large financial powerhouse. At Tobin Investment Planning, you and your finances are treated as more than just a number - you’re a hardworking individual who deserves to know your financial future is in good hands.

Throughout my career, my background has served as the foundation for helping others make better investment decisions. My mother was a school teacher, my father was an engineer. I inherited the best traits of each. 

- David Tobin

What Can You Expect When Working With Us?

At Tobin Investment Planning, we work only in our client’s best interest developing a roadmap of customized solutions. Most importantly, we work to understand our client’s goals & values and advise them on objective strategies to unlock a secure future.

We firmly believe in being


When it comes to your money, you deserve straightforward, fiduciary advice.


We believe in the power of financial fluency and keeping you well-informed at all times.


Working one-on-one allows us to ensure you’re comfortable & confident in your financial plan.


We have no ties to any investment manager and utilize world-class software that provides an integrated approach for your benefit.

What Can We Do For You?

See Our Services

Our Services

Discover What We Can Do For You

Developing the Roadmap Toward Your Financial Future

With Customized Solutions & Straightforward Advice

We believe in the importance of listening first, advising second. We start our financial planning with an in-depth understanding of your unique goals and values. And as we move through the planning process, we’ll work to keep you educated on our objective strategies designed to unlock a more secure financial future.

Our Wealth Planning Services Include

  • Retirement  Advice
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Advice
  • Social Security Planning 
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Lifetime Planning
  • Charitable Gifting
  • Estate and Gift Planning

Here’s How We’ll Work Toward a Sound Financial Future

Step 1:

We’ll Listen
& Learn

Step 2:

Establish Your
Goals & Objectives

Step 3:

Analyze the
Data Provided

Step 4:

We’ll Recommend
a Plan

Step 5:

Implement & Monitor
Your Financial Plan

Do You Know How Much You’ll Need to Retire?

Schedule a Free Assessment

Finding financial success is dependent on structuring your portfolio with your unique risk tolerance, goals and today’s economic conditions. Discover now how much you should really be saving for retirement. 

Developing Tax-Efficient, Well-Diversified Portfolios

Built to Match Your Risk Tolerance & Time Horizon

We invest in a combination of evidence-based and passive index strategies which are well-diversified low-cost investment solutions. In addition, we utilize active managers in less efficient asset classes who seek excess returns after both fees and taxes without substantially adding to the portfolio’s risk profile.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe in a straightforward investment philosophy - balancing the opportunity for strong returns without substantially adding to the portfolio’s risk profile. As an Evidenced-Based Advisor, we believe that we are students of financial economics. We strive to make this knowledge available and accessible to our clients and base our investing decisions on evidence, not emotion or speculation. Many advisors can manage your investments, but few can bring the experience and perspective we do.

Are You Taking Too Much Risk?

At Tobin Investments Planning LLC., we understand the importance of being prepared, especially when it comes to your portfolio. Discovering your unique tolerance for risk allows us to analyze the effectiveness of your current portfolio. Together, we’ll determine whether or not your current portfolio reflects your risk tolerance, or if there’s more we can do to better align every aspect of your wealth.

Are your Investments Aligned with Your Goals & Risk Tolerance? 

Our Investment Advisory Process Includes

Step 1:

We'll Listen
and Learn

Step 2:

Determine Goals
and Objectives

Step 3:

Design Your
Investment Strategy

Step 4:

Select a
Money Manager

Step 5:

Continuously Monitor
Your Portfolio

Our Insights

Find Financial Peace of Mind

With Tobin Investment Planning

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Tobin Investment Planning LLC
1051 S Houston Road
Yardley, PA 19067


Phone: (609) 707- 9759
Email: dtobin@tobininvestmentplanning.com

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